Hi! I'm Shannon.

I am aUX/UI designer.
Born and raised in San Diego, California.
I am passionate about art and nature.

Growing up in San Diego, I’ve always had an intense interest in art, nature and design. As a child, I spent much of my time drawing and painting, with an eye for achieving perfection and balance. I always strived to make my art as neat as possible, and as a result I concentrated on drawing symmetrical objects like butterflies and animal faces.  

I took my first Adobe Photoshop class in high school, a course that helped me gain the skills I needed to start freelance graphic design. Soon I was creating logos and graphics for friends and  local environmental groups. My other early passion was sports, joining the high school varsity teams in both field hockey and lacrosse as a freshman. By the time I was a senior, I was concentrating on field hockey and chose to accept the offer to play at Tufts University in Boston, where I was the team captain my senior year, helped my team reach the NCAA championship game twice, and made the Dean’s list all four years.

At Tufts, I enhanced my ability to achieve balance within art and design by majoring in Architecture. I loved the architecture design process and watching my sketches come to life in Revit renderings. After working for an architecture firm in Dubai during the summer of my junior year, I realized something was missing. It wasn’t until my last semester of college when I took my first UX design class and had that “Aha!” moment.

Because of the General Assembly bootcamp, I have never been more sure that user interface design is my future, not just a job but an enduring passion. I wake up every morning excited to work on the project of the day and interpret research to solve business problems. In addition, GA has also shown me that I’m a team player in a professional sense, someone who enjoys collaborating with other designers — even though 2020 has meant we have to do it virtually.

In my free time I like to explore various avenues of art from portrait painting to sewing my own clothes, punch rug hooking and embroidering denim jackets. A true Californian, the outdoors is in my DNA, with hiking, camping and paddle boarding as my favorite adventures.




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